July 26, 2020

Feeling Better

April 30 2020 at 15:20 I went out for a nice bike ride in the sun, hoping to get some exercise as COVID had changed my life habits pretty wildly. I remember coming down Quintara Street and turning off to 36th Ave after which I don’t remember much more. My next memory is waking up in a CT machine somewhere with immense pain, spending the next 2 days going in and out of surgery of different kinds.


I had gotten hit by a car and broken my arm in two places, broken my pelvis and broken my nose. On top of that I had fractured my back and my neck and lost 4 of my front teeth. It took a while to take this in due to the lack of consciousness from the concussion. The only positive part about the hospital visit was the dose of Ketamine that the doctors administered. After injecting the normal dos for my weight they asked me do you feel anything?”. As a true K-legend I was obliged to answer No, Doctor I do not feel anything” although the effect was present which had them increase the dose further, leading my thoughts to the legend Partiboi69.

Since that day I spent most of my time trying to slowly recover from this accident which is partly why there has been a lack of updates on projects and general writing the last few months. It’s been a long time since I had a major injury in my life so this absolutely added some perspective to life. At some point around my birthday in April I had stated that well this year can’t get any worse at this point” which has proven to be wrong multiple times since.

I waited to post this as I didn’t see a reason to talk about this before I actually felt better, which I finally to a certain extent do. My arm is still healing and I have yet to get all the teeth replaced due to COVID. As the condition has improved the last few weeks I drove up with Sara to Yosemite and spent 2 weeks hiking and enjoying the sun.




night sky

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