September 9, 2020

California Wildfires

When I moved to San Francisco, dealing with wildfires on a yearly cadence was not one of the challenges I expected. That has turned out to be a regular experience at this point. Waking up today however was an experience unlike any other. A thick layer of smoke was trapped higher up in the atmosphere, blocking the majority of sunlight from shining through. Waking up reminded me of waking up in Luleå in winter. Sara took some great photos that I wanted to share. All of these are taken with quite a long exposure to capture light as it was almost nighttime darkness around 11 in the morning.

Wildfire smoke in San Francisco 1

Wildfire smoke in San Francisco 2

Wildfire smoke in San Francisco 3

Wildfire smoke in San Francisco 4

terrythethunder then cut together drone shots from San Francisco with the soundtrack to Blade Runner 2049 and the result was stunning to see.


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