March 6, 2021


Sweden has this absolutely terrific yet horrifying and awful liquor named Bäska Droppar” which I make a point of introducing to as many people as possible. On top of being almost undrinkable there is a Swedish studentesque tradition of drinking this in weird ways at weird times. The bottle doesn’t beat around the bush and proudly shows:

Noone is indifferent to the characteristic taste of Bäska Droppar which has made it a classic.”

- The tagline on the back of the bottle. Really.


There are three major milestones to keep in mind when consuming this trash liquor:

23 Besken

This is a true Swedish classic. When turning 23, one is supposed to drink 23 cl of what used to be article number 23 in Systembolaget (The Swedish liquor monopoly). 23 cl is just above a half marathon (21.0975 cl) which leads us to the next milestone.

The Marathon

If 23 cl wasn’t enough for you, you can always go the full marathon. This means drinking exactly 42.194988 cl of this experience. I do promise that after having consumed this volume of Bäsk, you’re going to wish that you didn’t.

The Victory Lap

After consuming 42.194988 cl you might experience a rush of adrenaline from having cleared this much of the horrible taste. If you still feel in good shape you should go for the victory lap, meaning clearing the remaining 7.805012 cl still left in the bottle

If you get the chance to consume this bottle of pure horror, do take the opportunity. It’s after all a Swedish classic.

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