May 25, 2021

Biking in the Bay Area

Before moving to San Francisco I heard a lot about many different parts of the Bay Area. Tech culture, bars, commute, cost of living, hiking, sierras etc but none mentioned the insane biking that the surrounding areas gives you. There is absolute golden roads to bike less than 10 kilometers from San Francisco. For anyone who lives in SF and regulary uses Strava, these images are almost a meme at this point. It’s obligatory for any cyclist to tag their Strava uploads with these images over and over but I realized that not everyone lives in SF and uses Strava. These document my three favorite routes: Paradise Loop (90 KM), Reyes Loop (132 KM) and the Mt. Tam climb through Fairfax (105 KM).

Paradise loop

Reyes Loop

Reyes Loop

Climbing up to Hawk Hill Climbing up to Hawk Hill

Climbing up to Hawk Hill Descending Hawk Hill

Heading out with Nikola Heading out with Nikola

Climbing up to Mt. Tam Climbing up to Mt. Tam through the Lagunitas watershed.

On the ridge Up on the ridge.

Stopping for water

Stopping for water

Descending Tam Looking out from the rigde.


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