February 24, 2018


I sometimes participate in Chips Compo which is a fun site for people that like making weird music every week in the hope of improving somewhat. The community around Chips is just amazing, a bunch of highly talented people of all skill levels helping you improve your skill dramatically. Here’s some tracks i made for Chips.

AMNSI/CH!“#€4- - Chips Compo 17 NAST 2018 - Remix/Cover Compo In Reality - Cacaophony Bonus Round 2


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Unwrap There’s no good explanation to why i made this really. I wanted to pursue the circle concept in motion and i happened to be browsing oriental rugs.
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Chips Synchronized Listening To help Chips Compo with a better tool for synchronized listenings, i wrote a automated rendering solution that streams it to Twitch.tv. This allows