One Hour Compo

Over the past months i’ve been active in the ONE HOUR COMPO which is exactly what it sounds like. You have one hour from the start of the compo to make a short song about a new theme. It goes every week and has been going for over 10 years so far.

Here’s a couple of the entries i think turned out well. ###REGRET This one was for a theme about “Falling”. I played around with ultra long reverb tails a lot. ###MIND MALFUNCTION Theme about a weird arcade machine, this is a cut from the longer compo where i sort of played on the fact that this was OHC 500!

###MINDLESS DAZE Theme for this one was Lucid Dream” and i flexed that arpeggiator to the max. Thing i like about this one is the transition from the arpeggiated piano to the synthesizer.

I publish most of the One Hour Compo songs on Soundcloud


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