June 26, 2021


BAAUER. Yes, this is the person that made Harlem Shake” back in 2012 and seeing BAAUER released a new album I was skeptical. It took a while but towards the end of 2020 someone pointed me towards the movie” that was authored as part of the album. What movie? Yes, BAAUER commissioned a 40 minute video that consists purely of rendered footage synchronized to the music. The effort here is immense, I’ve speculated personally about how they made it and I assume that they extracted MIDI from the tracks and imported as events as animating this by hand seems like a lot of effort.

What’s really cool about it is that the video is like a throwback to MOSQUITO which was aired on Swedish national television between 1998-2003, although with less PHONG shading and more path tracing. Back in the late 90’s, creating weird visuals with aliens was all the jam and seeing the style re-imagined with modern technologies makes me smile. Some of the visuals are definitely rougher, especially during REACHUPDONTSTOP but synchronization makes up for the style.

There’s really not that much more to say other than enjoy these 40 minutes of JUNGLE TERROR

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