February 1, 2017

The Circle Saga

I made a bet with a coworker that i could not be sober for a year. That year was 2016. He was wrong. I won that bet.

Being sober means you regain a lot of time otherwise spent in a bar or hungover, i didn’t even realize how much time i spent on these things when not drinking. I also found myself very bored and lacking an outlet for something and by a sheer coincidence i found myself at the Burning Man Decompression Party in San Francisco 2016. I snapped a photo of a sort of funny sign, but it was first afterwards it really interested me.


The sort of perfect circle in a 3x3 grid had a very interesting visual balance to it. The negative space was as interesting as the center of the picture which started to grow on me. A while later, not being able to sort of shake this i started experimenting with circles in the same way as the sign, turning into an on-going series of pictures. Here are a selection:

Exploring Dissonance circle1

Shades and shapes circle2

Inspired by the winter landscape circle3

1 day before the no-drinking bet was over circle4

Celestial bodies circle5

Tapered edges circle6

Exploring artifacting & noise circle7

Collaboration with Joachim circle8

Putting circles to feelings circle10

Exploring texture circle11

Sun Eclipse 2017 circle12


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